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Lifting and material handling accessories, anything is possible

At AW, we offer a wide range of lifting options and accessories to meet your exact needs, whether classic or more unique: remote controls, hooks and weighing hoists, weighing hoists with control screens, suction lifting beams, rotating pulley hoists…

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We offer an extensive selection of overhead crane and lifting accessories

  • remote controlsaccessoire levage manutention
  • slings and hooks
  • locking pulley systems
  • spreaders
  • spring scales and load pins
  • grounding brushes
  • horns
  • emergency lighting
  • manual hoists and hoist trolleys
  • etc…

Electrical supplies

  • cord sheaths and current sensors
  • automatic and manual reels
  • cable carriers
  • rails and festoon cable trolleys
  • etc…

Safety devices

  • limit switches
  • overstrike protection
  • electromechanical load limiters
  • safety latches
  • rubber end stops
  • security
  • etc…

Industrial radio remote controls

We offer different brands of industrial remote controls.

  • Infrared,
  • Manipulators,
  • Transmitters,
  • Master/slave controls…

No matter what your need, we can help.

Single-girder spreader beams

Spreader beams are material handling devices that work in conjunction with other lift equipment. They serve to distribute strain among several lifting devices (slings or cables, for example). Depending on the intended use, specific types of spreader beams are recommended. Contact AW for support for your specific needs.

Single-girder spreader beams are the best choice for material handling and lifting heavy loads. These high-quality devices have a strong resistance for intensive use.